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big tits brunette flashes her pantyhose pussy in public park

Tuesday, May 25th, 2010

big tits brunette flashes her pantyhose pussy in public park

big tits brunette flashes her pantyhose pussy in public park

this weekend has been glorious with lovely hot sunny weather and great temperatures, so it was a great opportunity for the hot big boobs brunette lucy to come on out and visit the local public park in such a short pink dress with a pair of sheer nude pantyhose underneath and of course no panties, so take a peek as lucy gets her huge tits out and pulls down her nylons flashing her pussy in the midday sunshine for your enjoyment.

PVC fetish Cougar Slut Wife In Silk Stockings

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010

pvc fetish cougar slut wife in stockings

pvc fetish cougar slut wife in stockings

After the last photo shoot Michelle was determined to get Phil back and give him a surprise as well. So armed with the yellow pages she rang round and found a photographer that she hoped would give her what she wanted.

When she phoned she took the bull by the horns and told them that she wanted a raunchy set of photos to give to her husband and could they oblige. As the conversation expanded Michelle said that she wanted the photos to be tantalising with a high degree of artistic styling combined with suggestive and fanciful poses. The receptionist informed her that it was quite a common request and yes they would be happy to commission a set at their studio. She also suggested that Michelle was to bring various outfits to use and that they themselves would provide additional props to give her exactly what she wanted.

As the date was arranged Michelle put the phone down, convincing herself that she wouldn’t go through with it anyway and that it was just a flight of fancy.

However as the Wednesday came round Michelle grew more and more keen on the idea. At one point she nearly blurted out to Phil what she was planning but managed to hold it in and not give anything away.

She contrived to explain that all her lingerie was being sorted out and soon had a hold-all packed with every thong, g-string and PVC set she possessed.

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