big boobs secretary lucy zara in pantyhose

big boobs secretary lucy zara in pantyhose

big boobs secretary lucy zara in pantyhose

My usual preference is to have married or sometimes engaged women as I am in a relationship myself and prefer not to get tied into another full-blown affair. However, this recent encounter has been with a much younger girl.

One of my staff has recently recruited a new officegirl in the post of receptionist. Lets call her Karen. I was on our summer holidays whilst the recruitment took place and having delegated junior staff hiring I did not meet her until a few days after she had started work. By this time references were still being taken up and it was brought to my attention that her most recent employer had dismissed her during her probation period for unprofessional behaviour – essentially allowing herself to be distracted by client staff during working hours. Unfortunately in her CV and interview Karen had said she was merely a short term contract employee and that her contract had simply run out. Karen is 20 so this was a credible story for young temporary staff. Rather a risky reference to give though.

Generally our business policy is to dismiss staff who have lied about their CV. Accordingly Karen had a short “chat” with me at the end of the day and we discussed the disparity between her reference and CV, culminating in me saying that we would have to terminate her employment.

Karen was surprisingly calm about it. She said she would struggle to get another job and would have benefits problems if she were dismissed again. She accepted that she had misled us but explained mitigating circumstances and asked if there was anything she could do to redeem herself, i looked down at her huge boobs, and sheer brown pantyhose and a naughty thought crossed my mind……….

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