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Big Tits Secretary In Nude Stockings And Silk Blouse

Friday, February 26th, 2010

big tits secretary in nude stockings and silk blouse

big tits secretary in nude stockings and silk blouse

Having fixed up a meeting this evening through SH, I thought I might let you know what happened. Firstly, I dressed as requested with a secretary look - seamed stockings, tight black satin skirt, purple blouse, 5″ ‘fuck-me’ patent leather peep toe shoes, lashings of make-up and lots of jewellery around my neck and wrists with a ‘hearts’ motif ankle chain. I wanted to impress!! Underneath my purple lacy panties, black suspender belt and lacy platform bra were waiting to excite.

I left my hotel and drove to the address, a flat in Reading. On entering after ringing the dor bell, I met the most delightful man who put me at my ease straight away. I could tell that he liked what he saw, because of his eyes, and the way he got me on the sofa an started to kiss me within several minutes. As we kissed passionately, he stroked my breasts legs, felt the bumps of my suspenders, and then gently put his hand up my skirt. Soon, he was pushing me down to my knees and turning me round to be presented with a lovely big cock, long, thick and slightly curved.

As he gripped my hair and I began to suck, he placed his legs aroung me and held my arms, so was trapped and deep throating him, unable to move much at all. He kept groaning and telling me I was a good slut and he loved me. Then, condom on, and he netered me from behind. I have never been fucked so hard and vigorously before, and soon I was moaning and crying out for more. All too soon, he withdrew, removed the condom and holding his penis under my suspender belt, he came in long streams over my belly. It was hot and I loved it. As we disentangled after some time lying together, he wiped his lovely cock on my stockings - to remember him by - as if I could forget. Soon I was on my way back in my car, with a lovely warm wet feeling around my belly. He wants me to stay the night next time, and give me it all night1 I am his slut now, and will go to him when he asks.

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Exposing On The Train Station In Black Pantyhose

Thursday, February 25th, 2010

train station exposure in black nylons

train station exposure in black nylons

I travel on the train into Manchester every day, and as most commuters know, we are creatures of habit and usually get on the same carriage and see the same faces each morning and evening.

Well, over the last few weeks, a new face has appeared in my normal carriage, a very pretty face with a gorgeous body attached. After a few mornings of no interaction at all, eye contact was made and over a few days things developed from a smile, to a “Good Morning” and eventually full blown chatting and an exchange of mobile numbers.

One mornig, I found out that Sarah had recently split from her boyfriend - being only 23, I told her she would find it easy to get someone else because of her looks and figure. She told me she was shy and found it hard talking to people. At 40, I thought I had no chance, but she told me she felt comfortable talkig to me and ‘liked’ me - I wasnt sure what she meant bythis, but being aman, I thought I would test it out.

One nigt, I text her asking how she was etc and whether she was busy - the reply came back straight away saying she was alone and bored - to cut a long story short, we exchanged loads of texts, with them becoming ery risky and explicit towards the end of the eveing. As a parting text, she said she couldnt wait for the train journey the following morning.

At the station, I waited until I saw her walking alog the platform, nothing unusual about her - her normal smile and classy look. She said hello a bit sheepishly, but talked as normal.

When we got on the train, which is always busy at 7.30, she was standing close to me and I could feel the back of her hand rubbing against my crotch. I wasnt sure at first whether this was deliberate or whether it was because of how busy it was. That was until she said “Do you like that?”

I was gobsmacked and my smile gave my thoughts away. Knowing this, she turned her hand around and started to to rub it properly, feeling it grow for her with every rub. Shel leaned into me and whispered “I have something for you”, “what is it?” I asked.

She asked me to giver her my hand and and facing me, she guided my hand down to the front of her skirt, to the hem line. “Stroke my leg” she said, which I duly obliged. “higher” was her next comment. Being aware of other people around us, I made sure nobody could see and moved my hand up. As it got higher, I could feel the heat on my hand until eventually, I felt her pantyhose encased pussy!! “Oh fuck” I said, I had a young, shaven pussy on the end of my finger and my cock grew to the max. I pulled her towards me with my other hand to hide my excitement.

teen teases in strappy high heels and sheer black pantyhose

Wednesday, February 24th, 2010

teen teases in strappy high heels and sheer black pantyhose

teen teases in strappy high heels and sheer black pantyhose

PVC fetish Cougar Slut Wife In Silk Stockings

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010

pvc fetish cougar slut wife in stockings

pvc fetish cougar slut wife in stockings

After the last photo shoot Michelle was determined to get Phil back and give him a surprise as well. So armed with the yellow pages she rang round and found a photographer that she hoped would give her what she wanted.

When she phoned she took the bull by the horns and told them that she wanted a raunchy set of photos to give to her husband and could they oblige. As the conversation expanded Michelle said that she wanted the photos to be tantalising with a high degree of artistic styling combined with suggestive and fanciful poses. The receptionist informed her that it was quite a common request and yes they would be happy to commission a set at their studio. She also suggested that Michelle was to bring various outfits to use and that they themselves would provide additional props to give her exactly what she wanted.

As the date was arranged Michelle put the phone down, convincing herself that she wouldn’t go through with it anyway and that it was just a flight of fancy.

However as the Wednesday came round Michelle grew more and more keen on the idea. At one point she nearly blurted out to Phil what she was planning but managed to hold it in and not give anything away.

She contrived to explain that all her lingerie was being sorted out and soon had a hold-all packed with every thong, g-string and PVC set she possessed.

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hot mature in white lingerie and lace panties

Monday, February 22nd, 2010

hot mature in white lingerie and lace panties

hot mature in white lingerie and lace panties

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shiny tan pantyhose and 5 inch red stiletto high heels

Sunday, February 21st, 2010

shiny tan pantyhose and 5 inch red stiletto high heels

shiny tan pantyhose and 5 inch red stiletto high heels

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Sexy Slim Teen Blonde Rachel in Blue Cotton Panties

Saturday, February 20th, 2010

sexy slim blonde Rachel in blue cotton panties

sexy slim blonde Rachel in blue cotton panties

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Mature Secretary Slut In Stockings At Her Office

Friday, February 19th, 2010

mature secretary slut in stockings in the office

mature secretary slut in stockings in the office

This happened to me about 8 years ago and was totaly unexspected.The company i was working for at the time had a secetary that i got on very well with, but nohing more than that so i thought.
When one lunch time we went out in a crowd for a drink and Sue and i got seperated from the rest. When i asked her what she was doing for the weekend and she said “it was her birthday on the Saturday and what she was going to get from her partner wasn’t what she was hoping to get” So i said ” what do you really want” Then it came out, she wanted an afternoon where she could suck 2 or 3 cocks and she wanted to be double penetrated as well as covered in cum

Well it was set for Saturday afternoon, i told my wife i was going to football and that i would see her later. I was a bit nervous, but nothing more as i made my way to her address. When i arrived i was greeted by Sue who was partially clothed and a large whiskey with ice.
We went into this large room that had a pool table and where her partner John was seated. We shook hands and had a chat about how highly sexed Sue was and that she always longed for mmf or mmmf. John said to Sue “well you had better suck his cock” We all got undressed and Sue straight away clamped her mouth around my cock and started to tease the pre cum out of the head with the tip of her tongue. At this point John was licking Sue’s moist slit which was tipping her near the edge. We swapped round and it was my turn to give her a good working over with my tongue. Her shaven cunt tasted beautiful and i was getting completely carried away when Sue stated shaking and swearing and then a flood of liquid enveloped my face. With that John who had about a 9″ cock but not as thick as mine forced his cock down Sue’s throat and shouted “take it all” She did her best but some spilled out down her chin and onto her breasts.

From then on it was 2 to 3 hours of non stop fucking and sucking. We did fuck her both at the same time which she loved and deposited loads of the semen that she craved so much. This arrangment carried on and off for about 4 years and then we lost touch. This was my first taster to the swinging scene and one which will stay with me forever.

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pantyhose milf wife is a hooker out on the street

Thursday, February 18th, 2010

pantyhose milf in high heels in the street

pantyhose milf in high heels in the street

She walked for quite some time and I slowly followed some way behind her. Suddenly I saw the headlights of a car coming up behind me. I stopped and waited and sure enough it stopped right by Shelley. My heart was pounding like the clappers as I listened in on the audio bug in her handbag. I heard the bloke say to her “You on business darling” and she simply said “Yes” and I saw her get into his car, close the door and he drove very slowly off with me following some way behind. He only drove a very short way and pulled into the kerb where the road was at it’s darkest. I pulled in some way behind and listened in to what was being said.

He said to her “How much darling” to which she said “Oh no, I don’t want any money”. He seemed surprised and said to her “What you just want a fuck then and that’s it”. “Yes” she said “That’s it”. “Fuck me” he said “I can’t believe it. Do you want to use a condom then” “No, definately not” she said. “OK” he said “lets get in the back of the car and I’ll pull the seats down - it’s a hatchback”

At this I decided to leave my car and slowly walk up to where they were parked to see if I could see anything. I saw them both get out of the car and go into the back and I could see he was putting the seats down. I heard him say to her “Have you ever done this before” and she replied “No, never. I don’t know why I’m doing it now. I suppose it’s the drink that’s doing it”. “OK” he said “well lets see what we can do then shall we?” I heard her start to say something but he must have started to kiss her so I walked as quickly as I could to the back of the car. Because it was so dark I was able to almost stand behind the car without being seen. They were both lying flat on the folded seats. He was on top of her and obviously kissing her very passionately. She was rolling around with her arms around his shoulders and rubbing her fingers up and down his neck and back. Her legs were apart and he was lying between them, both fully dressed, but he was moving his buttocks up and down and around so he obviously had a huge hard on and was pushing it against Shelly’s cunt area which was clearly getting her well worked up. After a lot of kissing he moved off her onto his right side and facing her and started to squeeze her fantastic tits. He was rubbing his hand over first the left one then the right one and still kissing her. Then he started to undo her blouse and shoved his hand inside onto her bra slowly pushing each side up so her tits were exposed. He stopped kissing her and started to kiss her tits. I know what that’s like and I could hear her moaning with pleasure as he sucked and nibbled her nipples. She was moving around from side to side and stroking his head.

Then I saw his hand slowly go down her beatiful body until he got to the area of her cunt. He squeezed it with his hand and she moved her buttocks right up in the air. As she did she slid her hand down to his hard cock and started to rub it violently. “You really want a fucking don’t you?” he said. “Yes, I do” she said. At that he started to rub his hand hard and fast around her cunt area through her skirt and she rubbed his cock even faster and said “Fuck me for Christ sake will you”.

At that he got up a bit and started to get his trousers and pants off. She pulled her skirt right up, let her knickers and tights down to her ankles and got one side off. She lay back with her legs half bent and wide apart. He just got right between them and got on top of her, moved about a bit as he was obviously finding her cunt with his cock and then slowly he went down on her body as his cock entered her cunt. He must have wanted to get his cock as far in as he could right deep inside her because once he had stopped moving onto her body he seemed to be pushing his buttocks into her. He stayed like that for a couple of seconds and then slowly he started to move up as his cock came up her cunt and then he went down on her and up and down as he started to fuck her. She was moaning and saying “Yes, yes, yes fuck me fuck me” and he started to go up and down much faster. He fucked her quite fast for a few minutes with her saying “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me hard, hard”. Then I heard her moaning much louder and he started to fuck her very very fast and shortly she let out a yell that meant she was cumming. She was going up and down with him and as fast as he was. As he pulled his cock to the top of her cunt she moved her lovely body up with him and as he shoved it back down again she stayed up as high as she could so it would go inside her as far as it could.

big tits blonde cowgirl in white stockings

Tuesday, February 16th, 2010

big tits blonde cowgirl in white stockings

big tits blonde cowgirl in white stockings

Marcie had left the house in a short sakirt so tight she could barely bend over to pick up her purse. The bright Wrangler cowgirl shirt, unbuttoned a bit too immodestly, only highlighted her cantaloupe sized tits. Marcie left the house in full cowgirl regalia, make up and hair perfect and leaving a trail of perfume. He had put up with it for three years and he wanted to know exactly what his wife was up to. She usually came home but sometimes she didn’t, saying she had drank too much and crashed at Tiffany’s.

He sat in the car pondering how Marcie would react when he entered the club and said tonight he was joining the party. He got out of the car and was about to start towards the door when a foursome, giggling and laughing, walked into the sodium vapor light of the parking lot. Steve froze when he saw his wife and Tiffany with two handsome young cowboys walking towards a F-350 quad cab pickup. The cowboys opened the doors and helped the ladies up. The diesel engine turned over and the truck began to back out. Steve quickly went back to his car and followed. The windows were darkly tinted and Steve couldn’t see what was happening in the truck. His worst suspicions became a raging anger. Marcie loved sucking cock and never missed an opportunity to blow Steve. She said she loved the feel of a hard cock in her mouth and the taste of cum. He imagined her in the backseat with her head in a man’s lap.

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Hot Teen Blonde Secretary Sophie In Tan Pantyhose

Friday, February 12th, 2010

teen office babe in tan pantyhose

teen office babe in tan pantyhose

I had been working for Martin as his PA for over a year and he had recently been promoted to Global Marketing Director which meant that he had to travel all over the country and Europe and I had to go with him. He was very professional and always wore business suits although he sometimes left the tie off, which I thought was a very sexy, powerful look. I loved power dressing and always wore business suits with skirts, heels and tights, which I must admit made me feel very important and sexy! I often caught Martin sneaking a peek at my nylons as I sat opposite him when we were in meetings and it turned me on a little.

Last week we were in Manchester for a very important Marketing event at which he was speaking. I was with him to co-ordinate his schedule and arrange his speaking notes and make sure he was at the right evening events. As uaual, we stayed in the same hotel, he was in his normal suite and me in my executive room. One night before he was due to attend a formal dinner he came unexpectedly to my room and asked me to help him with his tie. He caught me by surprise as I had just finished dressing after showering and then having a play with my battery powered best mate!

I let him into my room and he stood by the full length mirror at the foot of the bed. As he was sitting there on the edge of the bed looking into the mirror with me kneeling on the bed behind him, we both noticed what was on my bedside table at the same time, it was my Rampant Rabbit! I stopped fiddling with his tie and he looked at me in the miror and smiled as he said, “you know Kelly, if you needed help before you got dressed, you should have just called me.” I wasnt sure what to say and I went very red and mumbled something about “I’ll try to remember that”. He smiled and said “I’m glad to see you seem to be as sexy as I thought you were”

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pantyhose hot wife out dogging in her car

Thursday, February 11th, 2010

pantyhose hot wife out dogging in her car

pantyhose hot wife out dogging in her car

I suggested we go dogging at golden acre.

she was well up for it and dressed to thrill in a tight black skirt,sexy sheer shiny tights and stiletto heels.a 34 year old sexbomb.

as we pulled into the car park there was a 40 something guy sat in a builders van.he saw us and watched intently as i started to fondle her tits and thighs.he came over and rubbed himself through his jeans.i wound the window done and suggested the three of us go into the woods.we made our way as deep in as we could go then i gave him the green light.he kissed natasha whilst his hands wandered.he then pulled her blouse open and started sucking hard on her tits.he groped her perfect ass before flipping her round and leaning her up against a tree.rosie took her blouse and bra off as he licked up her nylon legs then popped his finger in her asshole.he peeled her pantyhose down and skirt off before licking her asscheeks and gently licking her crack.he took a step back and shook his head admiring her perfect ass before slapping it and running the tip of his throbbing cock down her bum.he parted her legs and started to insert his shaft up her ass.she whimpered slightly as he grinded and started pounding.

i started wanking hard at the sordid girl butt naked apart frm high heels and her tights and thong round her ankles being taken in the woods,her clothes piled up.she teetered on her heels as his strokes became more frantic before pulling out gushing his spunk all over her ass before rubbing it in as his orgasm ebbed.i shot my load too then took a photo of her in that wanton pose.he said thanks then left.

Natasha got dressed then we went home for a boring pizza and dvd!

Secretary Seduction At The Office

Tuesday, February 9th, 2010

secretary seduction at the office

secretary seduction at the office

Young Miss Gail Wilson was hired as my Personal Secretary. I still couldn’t get that erotic scene out of my head. The little 19-yr. old ‘eager-beaver’ had been on her knees at my feet swallowing the frothy cum from her new boss’s cock. In her fantasy of sucking-off her ‘daddy’, she asked if daddy could “make more cock-sauce for your little girl’s din-din tonight?” Would I? Did I? Yessss, indeedy do!

After Gail was processed and issued our company manual, G.O.’s (General Orders) and S.O.P.’s (Standard Operating Procedures), I took my new ‘little daughter-Secretary out to dinner and we celebrated her new position. I took Gail to a motel where I continued a more personal in-depth training of her official secretarial duties ala Boss Larry’s way. I issued her my new manual titled, “L.F.S.P.’s” (Larry’s Fucking and Sucking Procedures). Of course, the entire manual had to be ‘injected and digested orally’. Miss Gail Wilson proved to be a very ‘quick study’ indeed!

Bright and early the next morning I dropped her off at her apartment so she could get dressed for her first day as my Secretary. As I waited for Gail, I reflected on my marriage. I had told my wife I was on an emergency at our Orange County plant and would have to stay overnight to get it straightened out. I always had an ‘Over-nighter’ in the trunk packed with a fresh change of cloths for legitimate purposes. This was the first time I had actually used it to cheat on my wife. Our marriage was just about over anyway. Jean and I were working with a divorce attorney and we hadn’t slept together for over 2 years. Not much need for feeling guilty over my lie. I certainly didn’t want to rub Jean’s nose in my personal conduct!

As we drove to the office I stroked Gail’s thigh. Sitting close to her newfound daddy and boss, she leaned her head on my comforting shoulder. It was a beautiful day and she looked so damn cute in her short little skirt and lacy blouse. Her loving demeanor and sexy conversation confirmed the fact I had picked a winner of a Secretary!

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Teen Blonde Exposes Her tits And Stockings In Public

Monday, February 8th, 2010

teen babe in stockings flashing in public

Teen Blonde Exposes Her tits And Stockings In Public from
Pantyhose In Public

Pantyhose And Boots In The Office

Friday, February 5th, 2010

pantyhose and boots in the office

pantyhose and boots in the office

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Pantyhose Teen French Maid

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010

french maid teen blonde in tan pantyhose

french maid teen blonde in tan pantyhose

mate of mine came across a website that you can place ads for adult services. He told me about it so I checked it out for myself. Just to try it out, I placed an ad looking for a young lady 18-22 yrs willing to dress up as a French Maid for fetish, please send picture of yourself. Couple of days later I noticed that I got a reply back. A 21 year-old girl named Megan sent me a hot picture of herself in a black PVC French Maid outfit. Surprised, I was talking to her in a chat room.

“I love dressing up in sexy outfits, it’s so much fun.” Megan told me.

“You look hot in your picture Megan, I can’t stop looking at it.”

“Thanks Matt, you sound like a nice guy. How about we arrange a time?”

“Sure this weekend looks good, Saturday night at 7pm?” Just at the top of my head.

“Sounds good Matt! Can I ask you something as a favor?”

“What’s that Megan…?”

“I always wanted to try a gangbang with four guys. I’ll still dress up as a French Maid for you guys.”

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