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cheating wife in pantyhose dogging and flashing at a beach

Tuesday, January 26th, 2010

cougar milf wife on a beach in pantyhose flashing her pussy

cougar milf wife on a beach in pantyhose flashing her pussy

We had rented a beach house for two weeks and intended to visit a few interesting places in the north. No more talk about the nude beach. I hadn’t thought a single thought about dogging until I one day at the gas station met Michael, who of some unexplained strange reason was the most successful pussy hound in my Motor Club.

He greeted me with a big smile and said, “I didn’t know that you and Lena had gotten so modern habits that you’ve began with dogging. Looks fun, can I join you next time?”

“What the hell are you talking about?”

“Hi Mr. Sunshine, don’t pretend to fool an old friend.”

“What the hell do you mean?”

“I’ve seen the pictures of Lena and you at the dogging site on the net?”

I was totally dumbfounded and said, “You got to be totally wrong. It must be somebody else who looks like us and your imagination did the rest. We have never been at any dogging. That’s for sure.”

“Oh my dear friend, I can’t bet any money that it is you but I can bet a full tank of gasoline that it is Lena. Go home and look at the net and then come here and pay my gas bill.”

“I’ll take the bet and expect my bill be paid tomorrow.”

“Sorry old friend, it’s not my fault if Lena is there with somebody else. That’s not the question in this matter,” he chuckled as he walked away.

I went home, found the dogging site, logged in for a membership and had to wait a long half hour before I got my password and got to the pictures. It was even worse than expected. Though she had a blonde wig and sunglasses it was no doubt that it was my wife Lena who was fucked in several positions wearing her sheer sexy pantyhose by what seemed to be two different men of almost the same size.

The photos didn’t show the men’s heads and I think the one who had published those photos had used some editing program to fix some extra sun tan on them. It was the tattooed green and bright red spider on Lena’s left bottom, well visible on several photos, which took away all my doubts that it was my wife Lena who got fucked in her pantyhose on that sunny beach surrounded by naked spectators.

I felt like I had been hit in the head with a baseball bat. The feeling got even worse when I understood why Michael had been able to recognize Lena. He had done it by the only possible way. He had seen her naked before and recognized her bright tattooed spider.

2 hot business conference lesbian sluts in stockings and pantyhose

Monday, January 25th, 2010

2 hot business conference sluts in stockings and pantyhose

2 hot business conference sluts in stockings and pantyhose

Now I guess I should admit I have a weakness for older office women. I like older women who have a sense of style and manage to keep themselves slim and who still take pride in their appearance.

When Mona comes to work everyday she is by far the best dressed woman in my office and with her high heels she wears and the pearl necklace she wears around her neck she always looks as if she should be a politician’s wife or the wife of a rich, successful businessman.

From what I know of Mona’s background she spent her youth being a “party girl” which was how described her 20’s and 30’s but that at a certain time she got serious with her life and went to school to learn how to become a secretary.

My sexual relationship with Mona began when she was taking shorthand in my office and volunteered to rub my shoulders after I complain of being stiff from playing tennis over the weekend.

Now I swear I never thought in a million years that anything sexual would happen when I allowed Mona to rub my shoulders, but then again since I’m always thinking about sex it shouldn’t have surprise me that sex did occur/

My secretary laid her hands on my shoulders and began to give me a gentle massage. I felt like I was in heaven but what really started turning me on were hearing the words she spoke. How she called me baby. How she said I was a handsome man and that I had nice, soft skin.

Mona began by rubbing my shoulders but then she started rubbing my chest and my belly. All the while she kept whispering that I was her baby and soon she was rubbing my crotch.

“Let’s move to the couch” I then said as I stood up and lead Mona by the hand to the sofa. I laid on my back and Mona got on her knees and after she unzipped me she had my cock out and she started giving it a massage. All the while calling me baby and stroking me in such a way that when I exploded and my cum shot out it was truly one of the best orgasm I have ever had.

dogging housewife in silk stockings wanking a cock

Tuesday, January 19th, 2010

dogging housewife in silk stockings wanking a cock

dogging housewife in silk stockings wanking a cock

Just before Christmas last year, we were all out on our Christmas party; and I had told Natasha to turn up in my favourite outfit of a short skirt, low cut top, silk stockings and leather boots to which she did. I had already told her she was going to get fucked but I wouldn’t tell her who was going to fuck her. On our way between pubs I told her to go into the public toilets just off the high street; I had arranged for 2 of our directors Alan and Bob whom she would not know would be waiting in there for her. They are both 50 years old and I wanted to see just how far Natasha would go with them.

The toilets had been boarded up but were still used by doggers, as Natasha entered her 6 inch fuck me heels made a noise on the concrete floor. As I followed behind her the toilets smelt really bad and I had to cover my nose as our eyes adjusted to the dark and out of the cubicles came the 2 directors.

“Is this her?: Alan asked.

“Yes.” I replied as they approached her.

“Are you really a dirty little bitch?” Alan asked her.

“Sometimes I am.” Natasha replied.

“Well get over here and start sucking this.” Bob said as I saw him pull his cock out.

Natasha walked over and grabbed his cock and started slowly wanking him as they kissed hard and fast just as Alan pulled up Natasha’s skirt and pulled down her black panties pulling them completely off her. Her ass was now totally exposed and he made the most of it licking her ass and moving between her legs to lick her cunt. This set her off right away and she pushed her ass out for Alan to get easy access and I watched as he pushed a finger into her very tight bum hole and then another as he continued licking her. She bent her head down and began to suck Bob’s cock and this gave Alan greater access, and a few seconds later he was pushing his cock against her cunt hole. I heard Natasha gasp and cry out so I guessed Alan had entered her. He began slowly and then gradually built up a very steady rhythm as Natasha was still sucking on Bob’s cock. After a while, they swapped and I heard Natasha cum on Bob’s larger cock just as he told her he was about to cum himself.

“Please don’t cum inside me!” She cried out between thrusts.

He pulled out and pulled open Natasha’s swollen cunt lips, she was very wet and her juices glistened in the moonlight coming through the window. As he held open her cunt lips he held his cock against them and shot his spunk all over her cunt with some hitting the inside of her pussy and some going down her legs and some over his shoe. As he came he shouted at her calling her a dirty slut who loved cock. I know Natasha loves this and told him so.

“You are just a cock hungry slut who loves being used by men in public toilets aren’t you?” Alan shouted at her.

Business Boss In Sheer Sexy Black Pantyhose And Stiletto High Heels

Monday, January 18th, 2010

Boss Lucy zara In Black Pantyhose and high heels

Boss Lucy zara In Black Pantyhose and high heels

Lucy had been with the company for almost ten years, joining the company after receiving a two-year degree from a junior college. She was well liked and had worked her way up to a senior position in the department, although others had been promoted ahead of her for no apparent reason. Lucy was very professional in her work and with her dealings among fellow employees. No one questioned how she had continually moved up the ladder because of her professionalism and work ethic, while there were questions concerning some whom had received raises and promotions. Everyone in the department would agree that Lucy’s looks didn’t hurt her when promotions were awarded.

She was a very attractive woman, having all of the attributes of a beauty queen. Her work attire was mostly conservative but still managed to accentuate her finest qualities and quantities. What she had was great and there was a lot of what was great. The men in the office did not only notice this, but also the other women knew she was the creme de le crème. Lucy had never heard the talk about her attractiveness but she knew of it. The other women in the office were not jealous of Lucy but they were envious. She was never “in your face” with her beauty, because of the way she dressed. There was never a doubt in anyone’s mind that the men talked about Lucy when they were alone in an office out of hearing range.

At the office she was the professional lady and there was never the slightest hint of mischievousness about her. Outside of the home she was prim and proper, behind closed doors she was every man’s fantasy. She was comfortable with things this way and never intended to allow the two personalities to mix. While at the office she would politely laugh at the slightly dirty jokes and suggestive remarks some of her co-workers would make. However, not to the extent that would give anyone the impression that she really was in to anything like that.

Daisy Dukes Teen With Big Tits In Sexy Pantyhose

Wednesday, January 13th, 2010

daisy dukes sophie in pantyhose

daisy dukes sophie in pantyhose

Daisy Dukes” are extremely short, form-fitting, denim cut-off shorts worn by young women, originally in the American South. They were named after the character Daisy Duke (portrayed by actress Catherine Bach) in the early 1980’s American television series, The Dukes of Hazzard.

With the absence of the “Dukes of Hazzard” show, the term would certainly have lost its popularity and meaning without the 1990’s hit song “Dazzey Duks,” by Hip Hop artist Duice. Duice not only revived the term “Daisy Dukes,” but also introduced it to a new generation not aware of the terms origins. From country to urban, Daisy Dukes will always be remembered as “denim short shorts.”

Her butt looks great in those daisy dukes.

dogging brunette in black stockings and stiletto heels

Tuesday, January 12th, 2010

dogging brunette in black stockings and stiletto heels

dogging brunette in black stockings and stiletto heels

After leaving South Carolina, we started home and decided to see how often we could have sex outside on the trip home. I stripped to the skin and he again had only a shirt on as we drove. At practically every rest stop and emergency pull off we saw after dark, we stopped and fucked on the parking area or in the surrounding grassy areas. We did manage to stop and fuck alongside the road in broad daylight but on busy I-95, it’s hard to find a safe place. On one such night stop at a pulloff area with a tractor trailer sitting and idling at one end. We pulled in like a tired motorist and sat there to see if the driver would get out of his truck. We got out of the motor home and spread a blanket on the ground on the roadside of our vehicle. We then got down and fucked ourselves silly with cars driving by on their way to wherever. After we finished, we picked up the blanket and drove on. In one town near an exit, we got off and drove down the street, stopping at a school and picking a dark area of the well groomed lawn. We got out of the motor home and lay on the grass fucking like two high school kids.

On the way home, we ran into a heavy rainstorm and pulled off the interstate to wait it out. My husband knew one of my favorite oddities is to fuck in a rainstorm with the rains beating n our naked bodies. He drove the van slowly along a road parallel to the interstate and found a grassy area with a place to park near it. We parked the van and lay in the grass and had absolutely great sex. Every time lightning would light up the sky, our naked bodies were as visible as during bright daylight. Two cars drove by in the storm but neither one must have seen us in the heavy downpour.

teen secretary in tan stockings and pencil skirt at the office

Monday, January 11th, 2010

katie the secretary wearing tan stockings at the office

katie the secretary wearing tan stockings at the office

its morning, and back at the office and a bit dozey from too many rushed beers the night before, you notice the new young blonde sexy secretary is late. She hurries in two minutes behind everybody else, and sits at the desk. You wonder if she looks a little flustered, maybe she’s hot from rushing to work, or is she wearing a little more make-up this morning? The phone rings… reality calls.

Later that afternoon you part overhear a private call she makes, was that something about ‘you know I don’t do that kind of work ‘ You wonder what the agency might be offering, but the call is short and the office is noisy.

For the rest of the week she comes in at 9am, says little, still looking hot in her tan nylons and pencil skirt with blouse but still rushes off at lunchtime carrying her big black shoulder bag.

Friday you decide to work late, monthly sales returns to do. You ask if she wants to stay and do a few extra hours, she looks at her watch and politely declines.

The returns take longer than you expect, there’s nothing in the fridge at home, and the thought of going shopping fills you with dread. As you pass, the welcoming glow and familiar hubbub of the wine bar draws you in.

Scantily clad young waitresses work the evening shift. They all know how to tease the punters and have a string of put-downs well rehearsed for every occasion. Over on the stage a hot blonde woman in a white g-string is dancing seductively. You start to relax. she looks familiar

Interview In My White Stockings With A Foot Fetish Boss

Friday, January 8th, 2010

Interview In My White Stockings With A Foot Fetish Boss

Interview In My White Stockings With A Foot Fetish Boss

The agency called me and stated that they had a good role but that the boss was a bit strange. I met up with the agency lady as she didn’t want to talk more via email/phone. ‘He’s a nice chap, but he has a really strong foot fetish which is putting the girls off’. I didn’t mind my feet and toes being fondled/kissed and so I said I’d go and see him for an interview. ‘Wear a pair of high heels that show off your feet, and he loves red painted toe nails’, the agency lady told me.

I arrived at the company and was led into the MD’s office. I’d chosen to wear a shortish skirt with matching jacket, a flimsy top that showed my big tits off, a tiny g-string, sheer stockings, a pair of high-heeled mules, bright red toe nail varnish. His eyes went straight for my feet and I noticed a slight bulge in his trousers. ‘Have a seat’ he said, ‘you look lovely, and the agency speak highly of you. Tea or coffee?’ The office was fairly warm and I undid my jacket. His eyes immediately went to my tits, my nipples clearly visible.

Whilst the tea was being made I had a good look around the office and noticed piles of books mounted high on shelves, with a small ladder that ran around the edge. ‘Ah’ he said, ‘you’ve noticed the ladder. Are you OK with heights?’ ‘Shit’ I thought to myself, ‘the agency didn’t say anything about climbing ladders’. ‘I’m fine’, I said ‘as long as you are there to catch me’. ‘Shall we have a go?’ he said. ‘May as well get this bit over and done with’. I took off my jacket and his eyes nearly fell out when he saw my tits straining against the flimsy top, they bounced as I walked across to the ladder and began to step onto it. ‘Will you be Ok with your heels on?’, he asked. The ladder looked delicate so I took my shoes off and started to mount the ladder with my nylon feet As I got near to his head height he moved under me clearly looking up my skirt, ‘lovely’, he said. I started to wobble a bit and I felt his hands holding my nylon encased ankles, ’steady there’, he said.’ Thank you’ I responded, ‘I thought I was going to fall’.

I lifted my foot to the next rung and his hand stayed on my ankle and rubbed the length of my foot, stroking my toes, ‘I hope you don’t mind’, he said, ‘you have very pretty feet’. ‘Thanks’, I said, ‘I do like them being touched’. I think that was enough for him as he took my foot and buried it into his face kissing and licking my sole and sucking my toes. I turned slowly and put my other foot into his face so that both of my feet were available to him. He grunted and reached for his trousers and pulled out his cock and started to wank himself, still licking and sucking my feet.

I moved down the ladder and started to rub his cock with my toes, gently wanking him, he groaned and reached for my tits and stated to squeeze them. He lifted my top up and started to suck and bite my nipples as I wanked him harder with my red painted toes. I felt him shudder and then he spunked over my feet, he then stopped sucking my tits and licked the spunk from my toes. ‘Thank you’, he said, ‘when can you start?’

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candid upskirt view of woman in street wearing stockings and panties

Thursday, January 7th, 2010

candid upskirt view of woman in street wearing stockings and panties

candid upskirt view of woman in street wearing stockings and panties

Thousands of websites have sprung up offering ‘upskirt’ shots and advice from enthusiasts on how to get the best pictures. The term even has its own Wikipedia entry. Nightclubs are a popular choice of venue, but web forums suggest shopping centre escalators, public transport and even schools as places to target unsuspecting females.

“I’ve been upskirting chicks, mostly at clubs, for almost two years. The club I go to is a great spot, real crowded, strobe lights going, loud music, so no one notices me sitting near the edge of the dance floor and if a woman in a skirt ends up by me I stick the cam under her dressand snap,” said one man posting on an internet forum.

Last year, commuter Guy Knight, 34, was fined for secretly taking pictures up women’s skirts as he travelled to work by train. He was reported by suspicious passengers and police found more than 200 images on his phone and computer. Ten of the women were traced and none were aware that the pictures had been taken.

take a look at this candid snap featuring a great upskirt view of a hot wife in stockings and white panties unaware of our camera snapping away at her slutty choice in clothing. visitupskirts and panties at PantieView

hot brunette schoolgirl in grey pantyhose in class

Wednesday, January 6th, 2010

hot schoolgirl in sheer sexy grey pantyhose in class

hot schoolgirl in sheer sexy grey pantyhose in class

Kylie had just begun her last year at school. She liked the idea of some of the privileges she would have in the sixth form but was not happy about having to still wear the school uniform. However, she was a positive and intelligent girl and would look on the bright side — “One more year of study, get my GCSEs and I can wear what ever I like”, she thought as she walked home from school on her first day back. She wanted to be still on her summer holidays, back in Wales with Emma swimming with the dolphins and going round the clubs at night. She didn’t want to be at stupid school with the stupid teachers doing stupid lessons. She felt like a young woman, why did the teachers treat her like a kid? It made her so angry. Kylie wanted to be free not shackled.

She got within two hundred yards of her house and it started to rain. Not torrential but enough to make her run the last bit. She ran down her path and felt in her bag for the key. She couldn’t find it — then she remembered she left it on the hook in the kitchen after she had taken the rubbish out that morning. ‘Fuck it!’, she shouted as she realised her predicament. Her Mum would not be home for two hours and the rain was getting heavier. She could only think of going next door and seek shelter. She had a new neighbour — she had seen him briefly over the fence the previous week and he seemed OK. She wouldn’t go the other side, that was an oldish man who gave her the creeps.

She hurried round to her neighbour’s house and knocked on the door. Andrew was 38 and was inside writing some emails for work and was not expecting any visitors so was surprised by Kylie’s loud ‘tap tap tap

‘Flipin heck, who’s this?’ He murmured as he went to answer the door. He was shocked when he saw the girl. He had a thing about the school uniform. He knew it was wrong. He often went for a run at tea time, just to see the older schoolgirls in their short skirts and grey sheer sexy pantyhose. He was only looking; he would never approach one of them. Now he had one of his muses on his own doorstep.

brunette teen in black stockings flashing in public

Tuesday, January 5th, 2010

brunette in black stockings flashing in public

brunette in black stockings flashing in public

I was wearing skirt and stockings and heels without panties in my way. I seldom wore them anyway. We ignored each other as if we were strangers. Soon, a man walked over and sat beside me, glancing down at my skirt, which had ridden up to reveal the lace tops of the stockings. I turned and gave the man a smile to encourage him. He soon was filling my ear with small talk and complimenting me on my looks and everything he could to hopefully get me aroused. I soon felt his hand on my thigh, testing my reaction. I simply held still and let him work a little higher. My skirt hid the fact that I was not wearing panties and the look on his face when he found it out was one of surprise and approval. I simply spread my legs a little more to let him get his fingers where he was headed. On the seat to my left, my husband was watching this and had a good view of the strange fingers probing me. I glanced down and saw that my husband was indeed enjoying the show. The stranger finally slipped a finger in my soaking wet slit and probed for my clit.

He continued to probe until he had two fingers inside me and was massaging my clit. This was all in plain view of my husband, who was trying hard to hide his erection. As the man worked on my pussy, the front of my skirt was working higher and higher until my tummy was showing. The positioning of the stranger and my husband hid me from view of other bar patrons. He kept fingering me until I was almost ready to come. While he was fingering me, I had reached over and was slowly rubbing his member through his trousers. I suddenly felt my orgasm start to overtake my body and rubbed his cock hard until a wet spot in his trousers appeared at roughly the same time.

Big Tits Blonde Stunning Secretary Exposes At The Office In Sexy Black Pantyhose

Monday, January 4th, 2010

secretary with huge tits and black pantyhose spreads her long legs at the office

secretary with huge tits and black pantyhose spreads her long legs at the office

Everyone thought wendy was a hot piece of ass.

Mark was one of those bosses who inspired - how should I put it - “respect” among his workforce. He knew what he wanted, and he made sure you got it done. It was kind of a double-edged sword. Some days you were edgy about going into work because you knew he was going to give you a hard time over a piece of work you’d done; other times you’d feel really great because you were part of a winning team - and the rest of the business knew it.

But it was a pretty good day at work the day wendy arrived for her interview as the team administrator. It was a pretty lowly position and we’d seen a trail of spotty young guys and dowdy young women going in and out of Mark’s office all morning. Most of them looked pretty shaken by Mark’s tough interviewing style - and in this, at least, wendy was no exception. She came out of his office clearly trying to hold her head up and keep her composure, but she was shaking slightly and looked a little paler than when she went in. But wendy stood out from the other interviewees in certain other respects. She was about 5′6″ and taller in her black sexy sheer pantyhose and black patent leather stilletos. She was wearing a red skirt suit which was professional enough - but amply showed off the curve of her hips and shapely legs. And - even more interesting to the men in the room, I suspected - her tits were pleasingly full and presented very attractively by (what I imagined must have been) her underwired bra from one of those stores that cater for the “bigger-busted woman”. I wondered if she had deliberately opened one more button than usual on her blouse that day in the hope that it might swing the job for her - or whether she noticed my colleagues (and, I must confess, myself) checking her out. What I am sure of is that every single one of the guys was checking out her ass and pantyhose legs as she went through the door and it closed behind her.

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