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Blonde Doctor In Stockings Plays With Patients Cock

Wednesday, December 30th, 2009

blonde doctor in black nylons plays with patients cock

blonde doctor in black nylons plays with patients cock

A few days ago I came down with a pretty bad head cold. My usual doctor was a man in his 50s but he retired last year and was replaced by another male doctor (Dr. J. Kenimer) who I don’t know anything about. I actually hadn’t been to the doctor in about 1-½ years and only knew about the new doctor because I received a letter from my health care provider telling me I had a new physician. Well, like I said, I had a bad head cold and decided to drop by as a walk-in after I finished my errands. There were a couple of people ahead of me and the receptionist said another patient was expected pretty soon. Since I was a walk-in, I’d have to wait for everyone else to finish. She also told me I made it just in time to be seen as the last walk-in for the day and that I’d probably have to wait 45 minutes to an hour. So I picked up a couple of magazines to pass the time.

After I had been reading for a little while the doctor came out to call in the next patient. I was surprised to see that “he” was a she. She was stunning looking with shoulder length brlonde hair. She also wore a pretty skirt and had on sexy black pantyhose or were they stockings? over which was her typical white doctor’s smock. I’d guess she was about 5′ 6″ (I’m 5′ 8″) and she looked to be a few years younger than me, perhaps in her early 30s. Despite her sexy features, there was something very alluring about her. Maybe it’s just that I’ve always fantasized about female doctors. I guess that’s a fairly common male fantasy, the nurse/doctor theme, but I’d never had an opportunity to experience it.

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pantyhose and panties upskirt teen on the stairs

Tuesday, December 29th, 2009

upskirt panties and pantyhose teen on the stairs

upskirt panties and pantyhose teen on the stairs

Sir, you will see as I lay back I am drawing my knees up very high and pushing my feet back close to my bum as the old man did on Friday.” The boss looks fascinated as Jenny’s tight and ultra short skirt rides up high on to her olive complexion stomach, revealing for him a sight he never thought possible.

The upskirt position the boss sees Jenny in exposes the silky smooth hairless high pubic mound above her bulging pussy inside the transparent material of her black pantyhose so sheer it is like looking through clear glass. The boss leans forward for a closer look seeing how this most private part of his young teen office girl is thrust upwards, hiding nothing.

Like the old man on Friday, her boss can hardly believe his luck. as he stares at the tantalising sight of the superb teenage cameltoe Jenny displays rather proudly now through her black pantyhose for his unexpected pleasure. The stitching of the paper thin g-string clings so tight around the base of her outer vulva lips that it squeezes her pussy into a tight arching high curved shape as though her pussy is about to burst through the flimsy see-through material. He stares in wonderment, then recollects himself.

“What did he do next,” he asks Jenny, not wishing to take his eyes off her swollen pussy lips.” You must now spread my legs wide apart and run your hands around my knees. Then lift one leg at a time up as high as possible without bending the knee, push them separately as far back as possible and compare the flexibility of both knees” Her boss didn’t waste time following the instructions. “So this is what he did?”

dogging slut in pantyhose sucks cock in public

Monday, December 28th, 2009

dogging slut in pantyhose plays with mens cocks in public

dogging slut in pantyhose plays with mens cocks in public

My husband is so kind to me. He took me to the woods to find cock. To find some dirty old men to fuck my face and cum on my tits.
I wore a short skirt, no panties, always sheer sexy pantyhose, stiletto high heels and a slutty outfit.
I played with my cunt on the way.
We found a man who wanted his cock sucked. I didn’t use a condom. I wanted to taste his pre cum and have his spunk in my mouth. Master told me to wank the man and him. I did. Sucking both of them alternately. I was so horny. My cunt was dripping juice all over my sheer pantyhose. The man fucked my face hard. Holding onto the back of my head and pushing his cock into my throat making me gag. spit dribbled from my mouth as he filled my face. Master took pics of me being a whore in my pantyhose. I felt the mans cock start to jerk, I want his spunk on my tits and pantyhose. I pulled his cock out of my mouth, but he came too soon. His hot spunk fell all over my nylon legs.
We drove to another place. Where truck drivers rest overnight. We found another guy who wanted sucking. He was sweaty and fat. He kept trying to touch my cunt the dirty bastard. He was pulling at my tits and nipples and stroking my sheer pantyhosed legs while I started to stroke him off. I had Master’s cock against my face, hard and full of spunk for me. I sucked the guy, wanking Master at the same time. Again I wanted spunk so didn’t use durex. He was more aggressive than the first guy. He called me a dirty bitch and other bad names, which made me ache, knowing that Master would fuck my cunt soon. He pulled my hair and fucked my throat hard. His cock was stubby but really hard. His balls banged on my chin as he speeded up his thrusts and I started to gag again. I could hardly breathe coz of his fat belly on my face. I was so horny. Cum on my pantyhose I told him. When I’m ready you slut. She wants your spunk over her, Master told him. She’ll get it, don’t worry, he replied. With that he pulled out of my mouth and his hot stinking spunk spurted all over my sheer pantyhose. It felt so good being a slut there at the side of the road. My Master is so kind to his slut.

Strict Female Boss In Business Suit And Red Stockings

Friday, December 25th, 2009

dom female boss teases in suit and red stockings

dom female boss teases in suit and red stockings

Ross heard his boss’ voice down the hall. He couldn’t make out the muffled words but could tell she was closing in on him fast. Breaking himself from his daydream, he shook the mouse on his computer to remove the screen saver. A spread sheet popped up just as the boss rounded the corner with her assistant. Ross hunched over to make it look like he’d been closely studying the screen.

“Hello, Ross,” the boss said.

Ross spun on his swivel chair and rubbed his eyes, as if they were strained from hours of analyzing numbers. When he looked up, the boss was standing uncomfortably close to him, as she usually did.

“Hello, Mrs. Michaels,” he said.

The first thing he noticed was her scent, which never failed to knock Ross off guard. Mrs. Michaels wore an expensive French perfume that he recognized from a peel-and-sniff ad in Vanity Fair.

Lisa Michaels was a beautiful woman who knew how to use her sex appeal to get what she wanted. It was simple with Ross. All she had to do was talk to him. He became a stammering mess. Authority figures and sexy women always made him nervous. Merge the two into one and it was more than he could take.

Ross had to work hard not to stare at his boss’ tits. Even under her business suit, they looked huge — a F cup at least, he though. She wore sheer silky red stockings and a short skirt that revealed her stocking tops, she left the top three buttons of her top undone, exposing the top of a bra Ross forced himself to look higher. His eyes slowly moved up to the pearl necklace hanging elegantly around her neck. He made himself keep going until he reached Mrs. Michaels’ deep, brown eyes. Her gaze always left him wondering if she wanted to fire him or fuck him.

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Santas Helper Under The Tree In Red Pantyhose

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2009

santas helper in red pantyhose under the christmas tree

santas helper in red pantyhose under the christmas tree

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Santa Outfit and Tan Stockings And Red Panties

Tuesday, December 22nd, 2009

Santa Outfit and Red Panties and Stockings For Christmas

Santa Outfit and Red Panties and Stockings For Christmas

Simply put, holiday shopping can drive a person insane. My wife and I had just concluded a day at the mall. We were stressed and in need of unwinding. Driving down the road we passed an all too familiar establishment, the Platinum Horse. It was an upscale gentleman’s club, known for its fine dining, spirits and of course a female revue that was its hallmark. We entered the establishment, found ourselves a table in a secluded corner, ordered our drinks and began taking in the sites. Several young scantly clad ladies paraded around the tables entertaining patrons. Surveying the establishment I soon realized that my wife was the only female patron in attendance. Several customers eyed her curiously, as if the had never seen a woman enter a strip club that was not employed there.

Across the floor we spied a dancer dressed in a revealing Santa outfit. She was a cut above the rest. Classy and elegant, she looked innocent yet had a glare in her eye that told a different story. Adorning her long highlighted locks was a Santa hat. A matching top and panties graced her curves with a pair of stockings. White leather boots and white garland trim completed the ensemble, as she made her way to the center stage. Her musical score began; ‘Santa Baby’ began to echo through the club as she sashayed to the brass pole.

I discreetly looked at my wife, who was intently watching every move Santa’s little helper made. Her eyes followed with the instinct of a predator watching its prey, every move, every touch my wife followed she danced. I knew the look my sexy bride had in her eyes. I had seen it all too often. I discreetly made my way to the side of the stage; fumbling through my pockets I produced a stipend for a moment of her time. She saw me approach and turned so her back was to me. Her arms moved to her front as she unclasped her top. In one seductive move she cast it aside and turned toward me.

wife in stockings dresses to tease in public

Monday, December 21st, 2009

wife in car dressed to tease in stockings

wife in car dressed to tease in stockings

We set off to the restaurant with my wife incredibly excited. She had decided to swap the fuck-me boots for black high heels and looked fantastic. It was an incredible turn-on as she got out of our low sports car flashing her stocking tops and with both of us knowing she was completely bare and soaking wet under the skimpy skirt with no panties. As we climbed the stairs to the restaurant I got a great view of her arse then we were given a table on the higher level of the restaurant that gave people a great view of her stocking tops.

I plied her with wine and we ate as quick as possible then headed back to the car.

Once in it, we pulled down the roof and drove off with my hand stroking her leg and pushing her skirt up above her nylons, onto her inner thigh, then spreading her legs and pushing my fingers on to her clit. As we drove with the roof down I was fingering her shaved pussy hard and her hand started to rub up and down my leg as she told me how deperate she was to get pumped now that she had been wet for over an hour and how much the five thrusts in the house had teased her and how sexy she had felt in the restaurant with no knickers on and a soaking pussy in the air that had been entered just minutes before.

We drove to a quiet road in an industrial estate and I told my wife to get out and walk round the front of the car. She did and when right in front I told her to take her skirt off. She did. Then I told her to walk around for me ..and she did. Her black top was really stretched as her 38dd tits were so aroused and her nipples were huge..and her high heels and stockings looked great..but best of all she was just walking around with her arse completely bare, her pussy completely bare, freshly shaven and dripping wet in the open air.

big tits secretary spreads her stockings legs on her desk

Friday, December 18th, 2009

big tits secretary spreads her stockings legs on her desk

big tits secretary spreads her stockings legs on her desk

My company was a product distribution warehouse, thirty thousand square feet with a collection of offices in a loft construction at one end. Normally, my eighteen employees would be busy at work, sending and receiving shipments as trucks came and went. But I had given everyone the day off with pay. I told them it was a reward for being such good employees. Hell, I could afford it; I made an annual profit of damn near three hundred grand.

My personal office was pretty nicely furnished, with big bay windows that overlooked the wharf and shipping piers outside. Carpeted and furnished with a big leather couch, a couple of chairs, a conference table and my big mahogany desk, my office was my home away from home. There was even a private bathroom with a shower stall. Alexis and I had fooled around now and then in the office. I had taken her many times from behind as she leaned over my desk, her skirt pushed up and panties around her ankles and her stockings legs spread wide.

Hmm, I thought. Gonna have to get a new desk.

I lead Alexis through the door, closed it behind me. I pretended to busy myself with some papers on my desk as my wife sat down on the couch. I could tell she was thinking about the times we had fucked in the office, by the naughty smile on her face.

“What are you thinking about, honey?” I asked casually as I scribbled on some blank paper, pretending to sign documents.

Alexis breathed in, smoothing her hands up and down her tight jeans. She looked around wistfully. “Oh . . . nothing,” she said with feigned innocence.

I chuckled. My cock was getting harder with anticipation. My own jeans were getting a little tight. My bulge was showing. “Oh, I think I know what you’re thinking,” I said, turning to face her.

Sexy British Schoolgirl In Black Pantyhose

Wednesday, December 16th, 2009

sexy british schoolgirl in pantyhose with dildo

sexy british schoolgirl in pantyhose with dildo

The eighteen year old bitch was still dressed as a teenage schoolgirl slut - heels, pantyhose, tights, short skirt, tight white shirt and school tie. Her naked heaving breasts could clearly be seen under the thin white shirt. “You are a beautiful young girl, Alice, and you deserve some pleasure. Now. spread your legs as wide as possible please.” Alice obeyed, although she was terrified by what might follow. She was convinced that Freddie wanted to fuck her. To fuck her tender virgin schoolgirl pussy. And although her pussy was still soaking wet - she had not cum when she had sucked off his cock - she was still terrified of allowing this man to fuck her and to no doubt fuck her hard. But despite these fears her pussy needed relief. She needed to cum. So, slowly she brought her legs up and spread them as wide as she could and waited.

Freddie then climbed in between her spread legs. He looked down at her. She looked so young and innocent. Although she was at an age when she could legally have sex and get married in Britain, this act was still all very much taboo. He was in his 60s, she in her teens. She was the very embodiment of what was good in the world - youth, intelligence, hope - he embodied all that was wrong - old, corrupt, perverted.

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Upskirt Stockings And Panties While Driving

Tuesday, December 15th, 2009

upskirt stockings and panties while driving

upskirt stockings and panties while driving

It all started when my husband’s company decided to transfer him. We moved from a small town where everyone knew everyone to Washington D.C. When we first moved to D.C. we deceided to rent an apartment until we became familiar with the area and could find time to look for a house.

My first week in D.C. and I was stuck with unpacking and moving us into the apartment while Dan was at work. Dan gave me a call on the second day and asked me to meet him for lunch with his boss. I decieded to wear a nice skirt with a tank top to show off my figure with 3″ heels. I met Dan and his boss Alan at a Pub right around the corner from their office. Little did I know how attractive Alan would be. As I sat next to Alan I learned that his wife Ellen dabbled in real estate. He called her on his cell phone and asked her if she would show me some houses. I was really shocked at how nice Alan and his wife Ellen seemed to be and Dan thought that this would be great since he would be working such long hours over the next several weeks.

Ellen was to meet me at the apartment tomorrow at 11:00 to take me to several new neighborhoods that were being developed. I decieded to dress in a knee legneth blue dress with white pantihose and blue 3″ heels. When she knocked on my door I about fell over with how beautiful she was. She could have been a model for Playboy. She looked to be about 32 years old and about 5′10″ with long blonde hair, her breast had to have been at least a 38D with a waist smaller than mine. She was wearing a short black miniskirt and a tight white blouse with black stockings and 5″ heels. I was completely mesmerized.

Pantyhose Wife Flashes In Public

Monday, December 14th, 2009

Pantyhose Wife Flashes In Public

Pantyhose Wife Flashes In Public

My wife started wearing sheer black pantyhose for me to fulfill my fantasies. After she got used to it, I asked her to wear them when we went out in public. She agreed, as long as i would walk behind her to see the attention she got from other guys.

After she got used to it, I started making her wear a skirt up with a big slit up the front out in the street and showing her stocking tops to other men! I was amazed how horny she was back home . I learned that she loved the feeling of being naughty, especially when it was ME and not HER that caused her exposure. So the next weekend, I bought her a new outfit - sheer pink blouse and short wrap around skirt. Underneath, she wore a shelf bra that exposed her tits, a suspender belt, sheer panties, and luscious black stockings and 4 inch heels. when we went out dancing, it was amazing! Her stocking tops flashed as she danced and she loved slipping a button on her blouse and then a second, so her cleavage was well exposed. That did it! She was ready for the plunge and I helpd her. After more than enough driniks, she was willing to let me do anything and I proceeded to pull her skirt up at the bar so her garters showed. Then I slipped a third button on her blouse, so it hung open, barely covering her nipples. Finally, I untied her skirt and asked her to dance. No sooner did she started wiggling her ass then her skirt unraveled and fell to the floor! When that happened, there was nothing left top hold her blouse together and it spread open, exposing her tits to teh crowd! She was better than naked - in her black lingerie and stockings. And to my amazement, she simply finished the dance dressed just like she was!

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Upskirt Pantyhose Views Secretary Video

Friday, December 11th, 2009

pantyhose upskirt views at the office

pantyhose upskirt views secretary tease

I was sitting across this woman, who appeared to be in her thirtiess and was dressed like a secretary. She had on a miniskirt and barely black pantyhose that were sheer, which were becoming fashionable at the time, and black high heel pumps. I was mesmerized by her long legs and how beautiful the curves of her thighs, legs and ankles were.

Due to the motion of the train, she had fallen asleep and therefore unaware that her skirt had risen, showing the inside of her pantyhose thighs. I was riveted as her legs would part, exposing more and more.

The sunlight coming through the subway car window hit her legs, causing her black colored pantyhose to shine. Seeing that no one was else was around I slunk down in my seat to get a better view. My cock hardening as I saw all the way up her thighs. Because of the sunlight I could see she wasn’t wearing any panties, her pussy was exposed. I enjoyed this view until she abruptly woke up and got off the train.

It was a priceless moment. I remember jerking off to the thought of her legs and pussy; imagining just how nice it would have felt to touch her. Years later, as I joined the work force and had to take the subway to and from work. I developed a fetish; I loved to rub and grope unsuspecting women. The crowded NYC subway system facilitated my “hobbie” quite well. I would roam the subway system during rush hours in search for a woman to my liking.

I found that the best place for the “hunt”, as I called it, was at the 59th Street station on Lexington Ave. Not only was it extremely crowded but since it was a hub for connecting trains and being in Midtown Manhattan the women were spectacular! There were secretaries, office types, nurses with short white uniforms, you name it. It was heaven for me!

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Sexy Blonde Nurse In Uniform With Tan Stockings

Wednesday, December 9th, 2009

british nurse teases in tan stockings

british nurse teases in tan stockings

“Mr. Johnson, the doctor is ready to see you now.”

I stood up hesitantly and walked to the office I was assigned to. Seeing a new doctor was always a pain for me. I hated having to be exposed by someone I didn’t even know. I guess it just wasn’t my thing.

Until I walked into that office and had one of the greatest experiences of my life.

“Hello, Mr. Johnson, how are you?” Dr. Sherman asked. We then proceeded through all the mandatory tests that you would normally see when going to a new doctor.

When those tests were over, Dr Sherman said, “Now we will proceed with a new test that was approved by the… um… state health division.”

Is it just me, or did he just pause for a really long time before getting that last part out? And why does he have a devilish look in his eye? I thought to myself with a frown.

I will now send in my assistant, Tracie, to perform the procedure,” He said with a hint of a smile at the corner of his lips.

“…Uh…OK….” I replied as he walked out the door.

Not two minutes later, Tracie walks in. My jaw nearly dropped to the floor when I saw her. She was 5′ 7″, blonde, and wearing the sexiest blue nurse uniform you’ve ever seen complete with 5″ pumps and tan stockings encasing her beautiful legs. Any misgivings I’d had about this doctor’s office were wiped from my mind now.

“Hello, Mr. Johnson,” She said. “My name’s Tracie and I’ll be performing the new test on you.”

She quickly walked over and unbuttoned my pants and pulled them down along with my boxers. “Hey! What are you– uuhhhhhh…” I tried to say, but her beautiful lips quickly opened to release her cock-teasing tongue. My six inches of dick quickly sprang out in response, and her mouth ate up my shaft like candy.

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MILF flashes Her Stockings In Public On Board A Ship

Monday, December 7th, 2009

slutty MILF in Stockings flashes in public onboard a ship

slutty MILF in Stockings flashes in public onboard a ship

its often hard to understand for many women, just why other women flash in public, especially when they see slutty old milf bitches like sally here who is brazen and unashamedly lifts her skirt in a very public location - in this case in a restaurant on board a ship in the middle of the day, revealing her tan stockings and lace tops for every guy in the vicinity to check out this old sexy slut.

they often think what is it that makes another woman want to expose in public, my guess is that sluts like sally get off on making mens cocks hard which is why they wear stockings in the first place. to get a reaction!

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Schoolgirl In Pantyhose Spanked By Her Teacher

Friday, December 4th, 2009

pantyhose school gets spanked by her teacher

pantyhose school gets spanked by her teacher

Second row back, the flirty blonde was leaning forward, as if completely interested in everything he was saying. Really, however, the curvy college girl was giving him a great view down her button up shirt… under which she was wearing nothing, as he could attest to. He wondered if she’d given her high school teachers this much trouble or if it was just him. A younger professor, Daren was about 35 years old, 6′1″ with shortly clipped brown hair. Attractive and very young for his position, his classes on abnormal psychology were a favorite for females. Especially now when the topic had moved into sexual abnormalities and fetishes. When he’d first taken the position he hadn’t realized how full of females his classes could get, he tended to try to get through this section as quickly as possible, not wanting to discuss sexual fetishes too deeply in class. For as much as he knew he had to hide it, he had his own fetish… probably part of the reason he’d become a professor rather than a teacher. He was entranced with the schoolgirl image, the Catholic schoolgirl gone wrong and needed a spanking. For years he’d been picturing himself having to administer punishment to some nubile schoolgirl, turning her pantyhose ass red with a paddle. Just thinking about it made him hard… not that that could hurt now, he was already at full mast just from looking down Karla’s blouse at her perky, round, pale white breasts. Gorgeous things that they were, and her sexy tan pantyhose legs that needed stroking

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Sassy Business Babe In Suit And Silk Stockings

Friday, December 4th, 2009

Sassy Business Babe In Suit And Silk Stockings

Sassy Business Babe In Suit And Silk Stockings

“I am afraid there won’t be much work done this afternoon,” he said, “unless you want to take some dictation, sitting on my knee in traditional fashion, that is.”

“I am willing to take down some dictation, or to take down anything else you fancy,” I told him, “but perhaps you would like me to sit on the desk facing you instead of on your knee. After all, it is my first day and I would not want to give you any ideas of boss/secretary relationships if I sat on your knee on my first day.”

Without giving him a chance to answer I climbed up onto the desk, facing him, and hitched up my tiny skirt revealing my black stockings and garter belt before parting my legs slightly to reveal the gusset of my teeny thong. “Now, sir,” I said, “what was it you wished me to take down? Some dictation? Because if you want me to take anything else down I am afraid the answer is that I am not that kind of girl. I always insist that my husband has to dominate and if he wants to see my pussy he has to take off any of my clothing himself!”

Jeff could scarcely believe what he was hearing! Here was his new secretary almost ordering him to take her knickers off! I could see how big his erection had grown inside his trousers – it must have been agony keeping it in!

He gave me one hard look to make sure that he had heard me correctly and that I was not intending going backing out of the deal, then his hands stretched out as I raised both feet onto the desk so as to be able to lift my bottom up and with one deft stroke he had pulled the thong right down to my ankles and down off them as soon as I sat down again to raise my feet.

I spread my legs as wide as was possible on his desk, and tugged my skirt even higher to allow him more visual access to what I knew was my extremely wet pussy. It was then that I knew what I wanted most at that time. He was already leaning forwards to come closer to my exposed and gaping hole, when I told him to unzip his trousers before he did some damage to himself.

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