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Pantyhose Brunette With Big Tits Sucking Cock In Public

Monday, November 30th, 2009

brunette with big tits in pantyhose sucking cock in public

brunette with big tits in pantyhose sucking cock in public

this big tits brunette is very brave, not content with wearing nothing but her bra that holds her huge tits in place and a pair of sheer tan pantyhose and porn star stripper high heels and stepping foot outside her car in public and walking at the side of a busy road, she then pulls out a 9 inch pink dildo and sucks it then pushes it deep into her pussy through her sheer pantyhose.

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Secretary In White Stockings Attends An Interview

Friday, November 27th, 2009

secretary in white stockings at an interview

secretary in white stockings at an interview

I was interviewing for a new secretary and it had nearly reached the end of the day with no likely successful candidates. There was just one to go, a Lucy Zara, whose CV certainly looked impressive and seemed as if she would do pretty well for the job, but I had to wait and see. The company’s receptionist, Abigail, put her head around the office door to tell me that Miss Zara was waiting and asked if she should show her in. I agreed and sat back to watch the view of Abigails sexy ass as she walked away from me. A twenty two year old gorgeous blonde, Abigail was the kind of person who brightened up any office with her presence, especially when she walked the other way and gave a view of her perfect round ass. I probably wasn’t the only guy in the office who’d wondered what it would be like to fuck that sweet ass.

It’s not that I deliberately hired a sexy babe to work as the receptionist, she was perfectly qualified for the job, although perhaps subconsciously I favoured her above other candidates. It’s just that, having hired her, I found it hard not to stare with that cute ass and sexy legs always encased in sheer nylons, and always in my face whenever she came by my office. In the same sense, I couldn’t help staring at the gorgeous creature who walked in after her and think that maybe she was in fact the perfect candidate for the secretary job.

Lucy Zara was absolutely stunning in every way. Tall, taller than I was, and with an hourglass figure, narrow waist and huge tits that were practically bursting out of her blouse. This was a woman who couldn’t look restrained, repressed and unformal, however she dressed. Even given that fact, her outfit was a hugely sexy turn-on look. She was dressed completely in the style of a stereotype sexy secretary; tight, figure hugging dress, covering her thighs and the rest of her long legs in shear white lace top stockings, five inch heels on her feet. She had blonde hair, pouting lips that any man longed to see around his dick and blue eyes behind rimless glasses.

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Girl Walking Down The Street In Black Stockings

Monday, November 23rd, 2009

girl walking down the street in black stockings

girl walking down the street in black stockings

when you head off into the city for the day, the last thing you expect to see on your travels is a naughty brunette teen like can be seen in this image from pantyhose in public wearing a dangerous short skirt that is see through and underneath wearing a pair of sheer black lace top stockings and stiletto spike high heels with a suspender belt holding up her nylons.

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Milf In The Bathroom Wearing Stockings And Panties

Wednesday, November 11th, 2009

in the bathroom milf in stockings and panties

in the bathroom milf in stockings and panties

it is very rare to get a glimpse into just what a milf wife like this is wearing underneath her dress let alone getting a glimpse into her bathroom and see just what undergarments she happens to be wearing that day, and what a treat at Upskirt Pantieview to see a naughty milf like this, eager to please in a sexy lingerie set of a see thru bra and panties with sheer black stockings and mule high heels to finish off the sexy look.

of course when she has dressed fully and leaves the bathroom you will never know just what a naughty girl this is by dressing in such a sexy slutty way, but thats the draw of upskirt pantieview in that you get to see those shots and views never normally seen on a day to day basis

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Busty Latex Fetish Mistress In Stockings

Saturday, November 7th, 2009

dungeon fetish mistress with big tits wearing stockings

dungeon fetish mistress with big tits wearing stockings

if ever you have been bad and need someone to punish you i recommend this hot busty slut at ultimate uniforms, looking truly fascinating in this stunning latex outfit with her big tits bursting out and teamed up with a pair of silk black stockings and high heels she truly is a vision, so let her chain you up to that contraption behind her and tease your balls and stroke your shaft, i’ll bet you wont last too long with this strict dom mistress in charge of you.

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Secretary In Pantyhose And Stockings Layers

Monday, November 2nd, 2009

pantyhose and stockings layers wearing secretary

pantyhose and stockings layers wearing secretary

so secretary paige loves to wear her nylons to work. its her biggest fetish, the feeling of sheer pantyhose and sexy silk stockings against her legs, and this hot little blonde secretary just loves to hop on up on her business desk and lift her suit skirt up around her waist and show off her sexy pantyhose and stockings legs and stiletto spike high heels and just hope that her boss is gonna walk on in on her and catch this naughty officegirl playing with her pussy through her sexy tights

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