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Mature Secretary In Business Suit And Pantyhose

Tuesday, June 23rd, 2009

Pantyhose Mature Secretary Wears Grey Business Suit

Pantyhose Mature Secretary Wears Grey Business Suit

so whats the big deal about all the secretaries? are they really all 18 to 21 years old wearing glasses and in extremely tight skirts with big fake tits? well of course the answer is a resounding no, who would believe that, travel around any city in the financial district and you will soon see the reality of the secretary fantasy.

At OfficeGirls they like to add a touch of realism, something to believe in, in this day and age you have to have an angle right? and officegirls certainly has that, with officegirls recruited to shoot for them from a big variety of social backgrounds and ages, then they get the true flavour of everday working secretaries in offices and businesses globally.

Hot Blonde In Stockings Flashing Outdoors

Wednesday, June 17th, 2009

So picture it, you wake up handy in the morning, and draw back your curtains, look out of the window and this is the site that is before your eyes from the big tits blonde neighbour posing for the camera in sexy stockings with her big tits bursting out of that tight tube top. what a truly exciting proposition considering you have spent so many weeks looking at her at her washing line putting thongs, silk stockings, sheer pantyhose and crotchless panties and Huge bras - this is a girl that is asking for it!!!
This is the delighful Lucy looking sensational at Pantyhose In Public where she can be spotted VERY frequently in public wearing stockings and pantyhose in daring dangerous situations.

Naughty Busty Blonde In Stockings Outdoors Flashing

Naughty Busty Blonde In Stockings Outdoors Flashing

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Blonde In Strappy Stiletto high Heels

Tuesday, June 16th, 2009

all to often when writing a review about an image gallery for a website about a particular fetish, its easy to be drawn to the direct niche association related to that site, however at Addicted To Feet they dont just focus on the foot and thats it, they focus on related issues, such as the shoew thats worn on the foot, on the toes, ankles and soles and who could forget those cute arches. also addicted to feet has a strong nylon theme, which lends itself to both bare feet and nylon encased feet too.

so for a broader range of foot fetishes then check em out.

Blonde In Black Stockings With Strappy Stiletto high Heels

Blonde In Black Stockings With Strappy Stiletto high Heels

Strappy High Heels And Stockings Foot Fetishes At Addicted To Feet

Naughty Wife In Panties And Stockings

Monday, June 15th, 2009

Naughty Wife In her Kitchen In Red Panties

Naughty Wife In her Kitchen In Red Panties

how to carry out the household chores with a difference - take a sneaky peek at this hot sexy housewife who could also be described as a sexy milf looking sensational in her kitchen at home, only she is not wearing the normal attire that you would suppose a wife would be wearing at home, dressed in silky nightwear with matching slutty black nylons and high heels, she teasingly raises the hem of her underwear revealing her full back satin red panties as she lifts her leg onto the worktop and pulls her panties to the side revealing her soaking pussy.

Busty Schoolgirl In Opaque Blue Pantyhose

Friday, June 12th, 2009

there was a time when young ladies who attended school were required to dress in this type of uniform (well in the UK anyway) so lets get back to the good old days of classic uniforms and see what delights this naughty busty slut can bring to the school uniform look.
Lucy is dressed in classic school uniform with blouse, tie, and blazer with plaid skirt and sexy opaque blue pantyhose and mandatory high heels that every 6th form schoolgirl should wear.
now isn’t this just the hottest schoolgirl look? what a fashion statement!

naughty busty schoolgirl in sexy blue pantyhose

naughty busty schoolgirl in sexy blue pantyhose

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Sexy Blonde Business Woman In Stockings

Thursday, June 11th, 2009

Lots of guys love the thought of having the all powerful female business boss and they don’t come much more alluring than ravishing business woman vicky, looking a true delight to the eyes in sexy business wear that is bound to cause a stir around the office when she struts though in a cheeky little secretary outfit like this one.

A tight top that enhances her all natural cleavage with a leather skirt that is challenging and leaves little to the imagination and those sexy sheer silky black nylons with stiletto heels is a great combo that any man would be happy to work under.

Business Boss Seduces In Stockings

Business Woman Seduces In Stockings

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At The Gas / Petrol Station In Stockings

Wednesday, June 10th, 2009

think of the most mundane task that you can….got one? right, heres one for you, whats more boring than putting gas in your car at the petrol station?

well things are looking up, because guess who has just pulled in, onto the forecourt to check the air in her tires? its naughty flashing slut wife natasha in a pair of black fully fashioned stockings with a skirt that is way too short to be worn with those nylons and a pair of 5 inch stiletto heels.

These pictures capture just what a dirty girl she is, dressed to tease and for maximum attention she is sure to bring the gas station to a standstill.

is she wearing any panties? didn’t think so!!!

black stockings exposed at the gas petrol station

black stockings exposed at the gas petrol station

Women Exposing and Flashing Their Stockings and Pantyhose In Public Locations

Blonde Teen Felicia’s Foot Fetish

Tuesday, June 9th, 2009

Just How cute is this delightful babe felicia?

full of vibrancy and life, this cute teen looks absolutely ravishing in her sexy little outfit and what caps it off is those sexy black pantyhose that she has elected to wear today. Pantyhose are a huge plus for many foot fetish lovers, and why is that you ask?
well, pantyhose offer the foot lover the opportunity to secure the true essence of the foot, something which retains the smell, scent and tease of the foot, and gives you the opportunity to sample the delights of the foot at a later time than when the girl is there.

We threw felicia some jewellry to see just how she would cope with it in between her toes and ankles while we filmed her and took a greta set of images, and here are is a VERY small sample of the results of what this sexy teen could do with her pantyhose feet.

teen babe with a big foot fetish wearing pantyhose

teen babe with a big foot fetish wearing pantyhose

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Housewife In Tan Stockings Reveals Upskirt

Monday, June 8th, 2009

so you have left the house for the day to start work, ever wondered what that hot little trophy wife at home gets upto while you are out at work? well, theres always plenty to occupy a naughty girl like this if you dont have anything for her to do. a girl can get very easily bored and before too long she will start straying. Has her choice of clothing changed? is she wearing perhaps stockings instead of pantyhose? are her skirts getting shorter? can you see her panties when she sits down? then perhaps you need to think what that hot little slut is doing during the day.

Upskirt Shots of Wife In Tan Stockings

Upskirt Shots of Wife In Tan Stockings

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Teacher Wears Stockings In Class

Friday, June 5th, 2009

Now when i was at school right, the teachers looked a right mess, not like this honey. what i would have given to have been sat at the front of the classroom with this babe in front of me. a delightful big titted redhead in front of my eyes. she could have been teaching me anything, i wouldn’t have cared, with a tiny little skirt and black silk nylons and fuck me high heels…..

wow i would have had a great time (well maybe not i would have only been about 13 years old at the time)

but anyway, i digress, this is one of my favourite uniform fetishes and this particular babe is right up there at the top of my favourite uniforms. whats yours? let me know.

teacher dresses to tease in class wearing stockings

teacher dresses to tease in class wearing stockings

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Secretary In Tan Pantyhose

Thursday, June 4th, 2009

Secretary Lucy Is The Bosses Favourite Secretary At The Moment. From The Second she was hired, this girl has not dissapointed in any department, the clients love her, the other secretaries hate her, and he loves her. This Office Girl can do no wrong, and if she was my secretary, well, she could do not wrong either, her dress sense is stunning, with a sexy black silky see thru top, tight black pencil skirt and red stiletto high heels with tights underneath. Yummy! and the best part? she doesn’t wear any thongs either.

secretary looks hot in tan pantyhose and red high heels

secretary looks hot in tan pantyhose and red high heels

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Flashing Stocking Tops At The Hotel

Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009

Here is a hot girl that is attending a business meeting this morning at a hotel, she has just checked out and is loading up her car, but hey take a look at those legs, no its not tights, this daring little slut is wearing a pair of stockings and garter belt with her pumps.

Now this is a slut that is here for some action dressing in such a manner is bound to get a reaction with the group of 12 guys that she is due to meet at her business function. Not only is she showing her stockings without a care in the world, but she is lifting her skirt so you can see her leg just above her stocking tops. what would her husband think?

wife flashes her stockings at the hotel car park

wife flashes her stockings at the hotel car park

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Footjob In Black Silk Stockings

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009

Getting a footjob off your wife or girlfriend ranks right up there on the ultimate experience for many foot fetishists, and its surprising how many guys have not experienced the most pleasurable time of a footjob in stockings or pantyhose, given to them by their partner.

For a lot of guys, its the thought of the sheer silky feeling of smooth nylons on their cocks, for others its the arches or the instep of the girls foot stroking up and down their shaft that gives the mind blowing experience.

either way, this guy in the image below is certainly having a great time blowing his thick ropes of cum all over the girls nylon encased feet

footjob in black stockings

footjob in black stockings

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Neighbours Wife In Pantyhose Gives Upskirt Views

Monday, June 1st, 2009

A visit to my neighbours home is always a great event for me. why? well she happens to be the hottest housewife around, and she is also an outrageous flirt with me, which always gets my heart beating that little bit faster. A hot Milf like this should know how to dress and she does not dissapoint, she is always dressed to please in a daring short skirt, sheer pantyhose and high heels.

Her husband is a real bore and so when i go round to her house to visit, i take every opportunity i can to tease this mature babe and she responds too. check out these images which i took with my camera phone in her kitchen of her with her great legs spread and also some video footage upskirt of her pantyhose.

neighbours wife in pantyhose gives upskirt view

neighbours wife in pantyhose gives upskirt view

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